These 6 Games Are The Best Shooting Games For Android

These 6 Games Are The Best Shooting Games For Android
Shooting games in the first person (or simply FPS) are quite popular among the many Android users. This type of game promotes a very interesting immersion, as the user becomes the main character. So, in this article, you can check out a selection of the best titles of shooters for Android.

1. Max Payne
The best of a shooting game is the story, because, after all, we are not all bloodthirsty killers, right? As cliché as the story of Max Payne (R $ 6.99) is displayed, the following scenes will leave the shooter plot increasingly interesting. Suddenly, a police officer from the city of New York to see his family decimated by the mob and, of course, wants to avenge the death of his wife and daughter.

The setting is very "Big Apple" and the points of sale of drugs and prostitution. For now, the application does not yet support the Portuguese and before installing, make sure you have free space on your device 1.33GB.

2. Dead Trigger 2
The second version of Dead Trigger (free) put the game as the best FPS zombie game for Android. The graphics are stunning and the story is full of witty comments by the main character.

The coolest of the game is that it gets more exciting every level, keeping our interest throughout history. After all, not all players just want a gun out killing brain eaters out there! Or want?

3. Frontline Commando 2
Frontline Commando 2 (free) is a shooting game in the third person that you can play in Solo mode or Multiplayer. In it, you take the role of a soldier who acts alone at first but then runs his own team.

In all, 40 missions become more complex over the levels. Despite the beginning not be as exciting, the game goes on winning with good balconies, the approximate sights, for example.

4. NOVA 3
NOVA 3 game ($ 6.99 - but has a free version) is a reference to shooting games segment in the first person. The mission of the game is simple: to make the human race - in the hands of aliens - is rescued and sent to Earth. The virtual controls are easy to use, although the phases and tasks are very complicated.

N.OV.A. 3 has multiplayer mode requires The Internet to work and have purchased within the app. But these are concentrated in the internal store.

5. Modern Combat 5: Blackout
The great advantage of Modern Combat 4 and its successor, Modern Combat: Blackout (free) is the online multiplayer mode. Since the launch of Combat 4, this feature was one of the most requested by users. Gameloft also included a function that allows interaction between users.

Modern Combat 5 brings features such as the choice of characters, each with a special feature, Solo Campaign mode (in addition to the aforementioned multiplayer) and optimized the customization of controls.

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