15 Animals You Will Not Believe That They Really Exist On Earth

Here is the list of 15 Animals that you will not believe really exist on this Earth. The list will be worth checking.

Some of these animals will turn your stomach inside out. Others will make you want to spend the rest of the day seeing cuddly animals . Anyway, worth checking what are the most exotic animals that walk or swim for planet Earth.

1# Bearded Vulture 

Originating in the mountains of Europe, Asia, and Africa,  Gypaetus barbatus feeds almost exclusively of bones, swallowing whole or shoots down during the flight to get the bone marrow.

2# Saiga Antelope 

At great risk of extinction, the Saiga, species of antelope, is original steppe zone of Eurasia. 

3# Marine hatchet fish

Despite the scary face, that fish measuring up to 12 cm and is completely harmless.

4# Chinese Water Deer

Chinese Water Deer, have large canines as beyond the lower jaw. 

5# Mini-Helicopter (Bocydium Globulare)

Parente of cicadas and grasshoppers, the Bocydium globulare live on Brazilian soil.

6# Lula with human teeth (Promachoteuthis Sulcus)

Do not worry! What you see are not teeth, but the "lips" that rare squid, called Promachoteuthis sulcus .

7# Yoda Bat

Yoda Bat  Found in the Philippines and Unfortunately, this species also in danger of extinction.

8# Catfish

Like his colleague hatchet fish , Catfish may even have the face who would appear in a horror movie, but it is not fierce. However, the size scares: can reach 5 meters and 40 kg!

9# Pipa Pipa

Pipa Pipa Present in South America, this curious sapo female incubates the eggs back. 

10# Lindinho or Sarcastic Fringehead

If anyone approaches, he has opened a huge mouth to show he is not kidding!

11# Eastern Long-Necked Turtle

Eastern long-necked turtle is a turtle that lives in fresh water in Australia.

12# Frog Pinocchio

This small frog was discovered in 2010 in Foja Mountains in New Guinea.

13# Gharial

The gharial, found in India and Nepal, runs many risks of extinction, with fewer than 250 specimens in the world. 

14# Yeti Crab 

The Kiwa hirsuta  gained its popular name of " yeti crab "thanks to its" similarity "with the Abominable Snowman.

15# Live Rock (Pyura Chilensis)

Living on the coast of Chile and Peru, Pyura chilensis , a marine animal, almost goes unnoticed among the rocks.

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