How To Replace Your Android Default Easter With Latest Lollipop

Suppose your friend had a software update of his Android device and he said that his device has been updated with latest Android Lollipop What are the thing which you are going to check if the device comes on your hand ?? the answer is very simple most of the people mainly check two things First Interface and second Easter Egg, Do you know what is Easter Egg in Android device. When you open settings>About Device and when you press the Android  version several times then some animated things get open that is Easter Egg in Android device.In this tutorial i am going to teach you how to replace your Default Easter with latest Lollipop Easter Egg with the game.

Step 1:

First of all to do these trick you must have two things first your device must have a Root access gained and second Xposed Installer Installed. No need to worry if you don't have the above things,In my last tutorial i have explained that how to gain Root Access and install Xposed Installer you can access the tutorial from here.so when you are done with rooting and installation of Xposed Installer you can move to next step

Note:(Googloop is not responsible for any damage or brick of your device during rooting and installation of Xposed Installer).

Step 2: 

Follow the picture tutorial

Open Xposed Installer and Go to Download option.

Search For Eggster.

After searching go to settings and change the version to be shown from stable or global setting to Experimental Version(Reason for choosing Experimental version is because in stable version their is no Lollipop Easter egg  . 

    Download, Install and Activate the Module and then reboot your Device.

Open Eggster and press switch on the Lollipop Easter Egg.After that go to settings>About Device>Android Version and press several times and you will find that your Easter Egg has changed into latest Android Lollipop,Their is an Additional Step below.

If you want to merge this game with your Easter Egg to make it more real then simply download and install from here and After installation it will automatically get merged wih your new Easter Egg 



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