How To Change Android Version Number On Any Android Device

In this tutorial, we will show you  "How To Change Android Version Number On Any Android Device". To do so, simply follow this post and implement all the steps one by one given bellow.

In one of my tutorial I had explained that how to change your default Easter Egg into latest Android Lollipop Easter Egg no need to worry if you had not read that you can read it from here, So to make your device feel more like lollipop in this tutorial I am going to explain how to change your default android version written in About device section into anything which you want.

#Step 1:

To do this trick your device must have a Root Access gained no need to worry if you don't have a Root Access gained in your device you can see the tutorial from here.

Note:(Googloop is not responsible for any brick or damage of your device during rooting as well as applying this trick).

#Step 2:
 Download Root Browser from Google Play store and Follow the picture tutorial


Open Root browser and authorize the app for root access then search for "System" folder and open "System" folder.


After opening "System" folder search for "Build.prop" and open it using the text editor.


After opening "build.prop" search for "ro.build.version.release",when you found that just change the value after the equal sign, for example, i am jelly bean user I had "ro.build.version.release=4.2" I have just changed that 4.2 into 5.1 and don't give any space between the equal sign and your number after that you will find a save option in the top right just simply save that and reboot and then go to Setting>About device and you will see that your Android version has changed.


You can restore your previous things. Just see your original file will be saved as "build.prop.bak" and you can rename that back to build.prop and delete the modified file. 

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