Apple Launches Android Application For Those Who Want To Migrate To iOS

A feature that will come along with the iOS 9 will facilitate the migration of data from Android to iPhone. The Move to application iOS will allow important information such as photos and contacts, are transferred to the smart Apple without difficulty, the Wi-Fi network. The appeal, which was not mentioned during the WWDC , appeared on the official new website iOS .

The goal of Apple is to avoid the headache that many users spend time to replace the operating system, as the company's devices do not have microSD card slot. With this, Apple also wants to expand its presence in the mobile device market.

To work, the Move to iOS should also be installed on the device Android . The app will be available on Google Play, still no date set. In addition to photos and contacts, you can download the app historical messages, videos, favorite websites, calendars and wallpapers. Digital content like music without DRM protection can also be transferred.

Another nice feature is the application suggestion. The 'Move to iOS' will 'scour' Android smartphone and indicate the App Store to download the apps installed on the device also has version for iOS. The application has not yet been released. He is likely to arrive in the App Store and Google Play with the launch of the new iPhone or the official iOS version 9 , which runs until the end of the year.

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