Teen Girl Having Long Tongue Of 4 Inches,Could Be The World's Longest

Meet Adrianne Lewis, 18 years old from Michigan, she says that her tongue is long enough to lick her nose, chin, and elbow.

Adrianne Lewis an 18 years old girl is well known for her Long tongue, her photo of sticking her tongue out went viral on social media, and you will not believe what she does while sticking her tongue out, Continue reading this article to know the interesting thing behind it.

Adrianne Lewis told that she believe she has the longest tongue in this world, that measures approximate 4 inches, She can touch her nose, elbow, and eye with the help of her tongue

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She told that she is waiting to see her name in Guinness book of world records, She also said some funny things that happen just because of her long tongue. She said, "In elementary school, I was made fun of a lot - I would just flick my tongue in bullies' faces and freak them out."

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She Got rejected from Guinness three times, But after few days she got a mail, Saying "Your Tongue is really cool, we’d like to see more" She told that she love to record her name in Guinness book.

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She also used to upload her videos targeting her tongue in YouTube, She told that she had  views in her first video. Adrianne used to get lots of good comments, And some bad comments too!

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