Nokia will return to the smartphone market in 2016 with Android products

With the end of restrictions imposed by the sale of its smartphone division to Microsoft , the Nokia  intends to return to this market already in 2016. Apparently, the company should focus on the production of devices with the system Android  in a kind of "second time" after a period of exclusivity with Windows Phone .

The confirmation came through the president of the Chinese division of the company, which hinted that the new devices will be manufactured in Sichuan - the same site where the company relocated its development center and research. It is worth noting that the company's experiments with Google's platform are not exactly recent, as evidenced by the N1 tablet.

However, now that Nokia no longer has the direct influence of Microsoft, it seems that the company should adopt a more aggressive stance in this regard. Considering the name and the company's tradition in the segment, it appears that around him should cause great commotion in 2016.

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