How To Prevent Your Contacts Know You've Been Online In WhatsApp

It is a difficult task to find out who is the owner of a smartphone and do not have the WhatsApp installed on your device. The application has established itself as one of the best instant messengers for mobile devices, acting as a true replacement for the good old SMS. But, the application has several drawbacks that have just bothering the end user enough.

A very annoying feature of WhatsApp is the inability to control its status as other traditional communication programs. This means that you can not enter the software "invisible" way: each time you open it to check or write new posts, the utility will automatically inform to all your contacts who visit your profile what time was you've been online for the last time.

WhatsApp does not turn off this feature, but it is fortunately possible to avoid it through some free plugins and advanced tricks. If you wish to have more privacy and get rid of this annoying feature, then you must follow all this steps.

1) W-Tools

first method is also the most simple and secure: we will use the W-Tools app, which can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play ( click here ) and has compatibility with Android 2.2 or higher. The utility works in a very simple way: after you install it, open it and select the "Hide 'last seen'" option. On the next screen, select which types of connection you use to surf the internet (WiFi or Data plan).

Now, just click "Start Service" for the W-Tools start working. From now on, whenever you open WhatsApp, the plugin will disable all its connections to the web, and again it will reconnect them as soon as you close it. This way, you can read messages and write messages that will be sent as soon as your network is restored, but without their presence is effectively registered.

2) Not Last Seen

If you do not mind downloading off the Google Play files, the trick is to use the Not Last Seen, which you can download it by Googling. It works by the same principle of the W-Tools: turn off your internet when WhatsApp is open and reconnects it when it is closed. The difference is that this utility is much easier to set up and does not display intrusive ads while you are using.

Remember that you must do some settings in your phone for the Android accepted install apps from external sources (outside the Google Play). Simply access the operating system customization window, enter the "Security" menu and activate the check box "Unknown sources".

3) Manually

If you are a hard user and do not want to be depending on applications to protect your privacy, the solution is to disable your internet connection manually whenever you open WhatsApp and obviously, this is the most time consuming and ineffective method (after all, you may end up forgetting to turn off your network), but may be the last option for those who do not want to take up storage space on your device.

The trick is to use the shortcuts that Android provides notifications on top of the screen: they allow you to activate and reactivate both any WiFi connection and your data plan. If you prefer, you can also work with the "Airplane Mode" which also blocks your network with the same effectiveness.


Simply open WhatsApp go to option then "Settings" then tap "Account" then tap "Privacy" there you can see a option named "Last seen" just tap on it and select "Nobody". That's it now you have done. 

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