10 Best Android Apps And Games Of 2015 Everyone Must Have In Their Phone

Check Out the list of best android apps and games of 2015 everyone must have in their android smartphone, I hope this will be helpful to you.


To open the list of the best today, our suggestion is Phonograph, one of the nicest music players from Google Play. The interface was all developed based on the new Google design patterns, allowing you to listen your favorite songs, create playlists and access all essential functions of a great player quite functional form.

Google Handwriting Input

Another official Google app to your device: Google Handwriting Input  is a keyboard that does not bring characters, but a blank canvas for you to handwrite. It has the intelligent automatic scroll function, and is very efficient in time to recognize the writing. An ideal app for devices with large displays.

UU AppPurifier

Time to install an application, you must grant a series of permissions that are not always interesting. For example: why a photo editor needs to know its location? To solve problems like this, you can download UU AppPurifier. It works like a virtual environment where all your apps can be reinstalled, allowing you to revoke the permissions to find unnecessary and thus increasing the safety of your Android.

DU Battery Saver

For those who does not give up seeking the perfect solution for the high unit energy consumption, our suggestion today is DU Battery Saver. With it, you can change various settings to ensure that the battery of your Android may last longer using automatic features to control wireless connections, motion sensors and the screen brightness.

Opera Mini

The Opera Mini  is one of the most popular browsers from Google Play and deserves a place in our selection this week as it received over a weight update. Your look is more modern and functional, and you will more privacy with anonymous browsing option. But the big highlight is the possibility to save up to 90% of data, making navigation faster and ideal to operate via 3G.


Implosion  is a hack'n'slash game style in which you embody a hero who must fight against aliens on a planet Earth that has been abandoned by humans. Show that you have ability to perform perfect punches combinations and detonate the enemies in this game engaging storyline and sharp gameplay.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft  is not new, but deserves pride of place in today's Best for bringing a new feature: now it is also available for smartphones, no longer limited to tablets. This way, you can have fun with this game inspired by the Warcraft franchise on any device.

Driver Speedboat Paradise

Forget the cars and the bikes tuned on racetracks. In Driver Speedboat Paradise , adrenaline and speed are in the water, with mind-blowing boat disputes. You will go through scenarios in different parts of the world with three-dimensional visual and several possibilities for upgrade.


Borderline  is a thinking game in which you need to control a ball in the scene, collecting coins and dodging obstacles. All the action is controlled by tapping and removing your finger from the screen and your goal is to try to add as many points as you can, in a gambling that is increasingly challenging and requires a lot of concentration.


The series FRONTLINE COMMANDO  won another title in weight, now with the WWII background, following the success of version D-DAY . Embark on exciting missions in the midst of one of the cruelest wars of all time, fighting enemies in an addictive style of play, graphics and realistic sounds and many upgrade options and customization.

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