WhatsApp: How to retrieve deleted messages on your Android device

WhatsApp  is one of the most popular messengers today, and services dedicated to the exchange of conversations usually rely on mechanisms that allow the exclusion of dialogues for the protection  privacy . However, if you need to restore deleted data? The truth is that WhatsApp has restrictions on its message retrieval capacity.

So, if you really need to rescue deleted messages, follow the following tips.

Note: for the texts can be recovered, the WhatsApp  should be uninstalled. So be sure to do your backups and get to work.

Step 1 - Uninstall the app

If your message was changed in the period up to 24 hours, just uninstall and install the application again. During the installation process, a message will suggest restoring messages. Simply touch "Recover" and ready: some alternative app must be installed. However, if the conversation to be rescued happened over time, a file manager will have to be downloaded via Google Play , and your WhatsApp  should be uninstalled.

Step 2 - Install the File Manager

The File Manager (or Clean File Manager ) is precisely a software that allows access to system data folders Android  - other file manager option is the   Web PC Suite , which must be operated by a computer or Desktop.

Once uninstalled WhatsApp and downloaded the File Manager ( click here ), the data storage location of your Android device should be accessed.

Open the application and select "System Memory" or "Internal Memory". Go to the folder "WhatsApp" and then tap on "Databases" - this is the place where the exchanged messages are stored.

Step 3 - Change the name of the files

The files hosted on the "Databases" folder correspond to your conversations. However, for the restoration can be made, the records will have to be renamed. It turns out that each of them has a date.

The trick here is: when you reinstall WhatsApp, restoring conversations will be suggested. It turns out that just the day of the file can be redeemed, and the undated document in the "Databases" folder is that matches your current conversation . So you do not waste your backup, just rename the document to "today".

But the conversations and how to recover from, for example, nine days ago? Select the file in the "Databases" folder on a given day and then remove the numbers indicating the date. This process will cause the WhatsApp identify the edited conversation as the latest.

Step 4 - Reinstall WhatsApp

Again Download WhatsApp  and, during installation, select the "Recover" option. The app will rescue his most recent conversation, indicated by the edited file as described by the previous step.

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